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Andover Hall (ca)

1.09,4a $870.510

In 2011 Andover Hall was the sire of 8 $100,000+ sophomore performers including 3YOFT Breeders Crown and Kentucky Filly Futurity Champion Cedar Dove t,3,1:53.2s $730,754 ($543,316 in 2011- 17 starts-7-2-3); Zweig, Duenna, Reynolds and PASS stakes winner Beatgoeson Hanover t,3,1:54.1f $597,615 ($425,069 in 2011- 16 starts-7-7-0; 2nd in $151,990 3YOFT Matron Final, $529,380 Elegantimage, $233,400 Moni Maker and Casual Breeze Final); and 3YOCT Matron Final, Bluegrass Stake and PASS division winner Big Rigs t,3,1:52.2m $558,886 ($416,726 in 2011- 16 starts-4-2-3). Leading all aged performers for 2011 are Open & Preferred winner Andover America t,6,1:52.2s in 2011 $468,706 ($199,025 in 2011 -24 starts-11-6-3); Open Handicap winner Wuthering Hanover t,5,1:54.3f in 2011 $348,598 ($161,348 in 2011- 31 starts-6-8-1); and Mares Open winner Margarita Mary t,5, 1:53f $288,031 ($130,290 in 2011- 21 starts-7-1-3). His 2011 freshman performers included $182,500 Kindergarten Stakes Final winner Lady Andi t,2,1:57.3s $188,788 (3rd in $365,000 Goldsmith Maid Final, $109,000 Bluegrass Stake, $93,000 International Stallion Stake and Champlain Stake); Multiple PASS divisional winner Go Tapaigh t,2,Q1:56.4f $130,371 (2nd in $200,000 PASS 2YOC&GT Championship); Historic, William Wellwood elimination and The Stallion Series division winner American Gangster t,2,1:54.4s $102,187 (2nd in Bluegrass Stake and 3rd in Breeders Crown elimination); and Bluegrass and International Stallion Stake winner Magic Tonight t,2,1:55.1m $100,050 (TSS divisional winner and 2nd in Breeders Crown elimination and Kindergarten Stake division). 2011 Harrisburg yearling average – $57,756 (41 sold)

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Pris 650 US-dollars ved Boooking + 6.500 US_dollars excl. moms.

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 Garland Lobell (US) Abc Freight (US)  Noble Victory (US)
A.C.´s Princess (US)
Gamin Lobell (US) Speedy Crown (US)
Genya Hanover (US)
 Amour Angus (US) Magna Force (US) Florida Pro (US)
DouRosemary (US)
Kenwood Scamper (US) Texas (US)
Lindy´s Speedy Lady (US)